Friday, October 15, 2010

Denmark - Summer Holiday - Part 1 - Copenhagen

Back in Denmark for two weeks of summer goodness! :-) Finally, after 5 years I managed to squeeze in a midyear holiday back home. It has actually been slightly unfair for the reputation of Danish weather, that I, during the last 5 years, have exclusively been observing the shortest, darkest and coldest days DK can produce - Chrismas is super cozy, but summer is easy to like :-)

Arriving in Copenhagen (København) early Friday, we took advantage of not being needed anywhere before later that day and managed to use half a day in Copenhagen running around pretending(?) to be tourists and catch up with one of the (nearly) locals - aka Jens - who took us out for a bit of birding and a coffee.

The impact factor of Copenhagen tourism is pretty world class! An hour or two pottering around in the old part of town will give you most of the essential CPH ticks. Round Tower (Rundetårn) - top photo - was build for astronomical observatory back in the day when nights were dark, today it works as a tourist vantage point where from excursions can be planned or hard-to-find hotels can be rediscovered :-) The bloke riding his horse aka the equestrian statue above is Archbishop Absalon who has been credited as the founder of Copenhagen .. an honor that is probably associated with the fact that back in the day the history books were written by the church for the church - archeological diggings have proven that the township where Absalon build his castle was already pretty well developed before he came riding in :-)

Amalienborg is where the Queen lives and the best spot to get photos of a "garder" a soldier from Royal Life Guards, who possesses exceptional skills in the art of standing still with way to warm headgear on. Just behind Amalienborg is the Marble Church (Marmor Kirken) which is worth a closer look - someone with a fast wide-angle lens could get away with some fantastic shots from there ... and if you have a bit of cash or a not so risk-avert financial adviser you should consider the apartments in this pretty old-fashion but very nice neighborhood :-)
Before heading of to Jutland (Jylland), we finished of with the sweetest little castle imaginable! Located in the center of Copenhagen is Rosenborg Castle (Rosenborg Slot), another subject that makes me consider investing in something wider than a 50mm and with a great garden surrounding it and attracting summer hungry Danes out for a few rays of summer sun, we fitted in just fine.

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