Sunday, November 28, 2010

Coogee - Evening HDR

A few HDRs from Coogee. I finally have a little more time for photography and writing again and hopefully I will be able to do something about the backlog - it would be sad having to go into an eventful 2011 still trying to deal with 2010.

HDR is pretty perfect for capturing the last sunlight of the day and still keep some details in the shadow Unfortunately I was out at least 20 min late so the sun had already disappeared and I had to battle very slow shutter speeds. However, with a few natural camera supports around - who needs a tripod when there are solid rocks around? - it was possible to get enough light through the lens to call it a photo. Knowing how dark is was towards the end, it is quite impressive how the HDR manages to extract colors from all the darkness.


Jarrod said...

Not bad, it looks like I will have to start lifting my game.

AGL said...

Thanks but "No", it just looks like you will have to install some HDR software :-) You are already shooting RAW and I just made a google search on "best free linux HDR software" and got heaps of hits!

Cheers Allan