Tuesday, September 8, 2009

A Quick Dip in Clovelly Pool

Saturday was little G's last full day in Sydney for a while so we had to concentrate all the usual excitement that you expect for a weekend into a super duper action packed Saturday.
Once again Sydney produced one of these absolutely amazing sunny late winter/early spring days with high blue sky and very comfortable mid twenties temperature - great guns! We decided to start the day by getting the wetsuits wet doing a bit of snorkeling. Walking towards good old Gordon's bay we realized that conditions were not exactly optimal and decided to relocate the snorkeling business to the neighboring Clovelly pool.

The fish in Clovelly pool are exceptional curious and very relaxed about having divers/snorkelers around, which also makes the pool one of the best places around Sydney to start training for an underwater photography career - do not know how well Mado pictures sell though :-D

The trick is to dive down and grab onto something solid like a rock and then stay still. The fish will move away because of the suspicious looking intruder, but curiosity or the fact that big fish eating generates lot of food particles in the water for smaller fish to eat, means that if you can just hold on for a while and wait you will be surrounded by underwater wildlife soon after. The variable in that statement is the amount of time you have to hold on before you get company. In Clovelly pool this is a matter of approximately 10 seconds, elsewhere it can be much much longer.

Little G showed some amazing acrobatic skill when it came to holding on and despite of the wetsuit being slightly on the tight side she managed to somehow hide a sufficient amount of air to stay down below well beyond the time needed to get a close encounter with the the fishes of the pool.

Highlight of the day was probably an octopus hiding under a rock. They are super intelligent creatures! As you can see on the picture, octopuses will utilize shells and rocks as a shield in front of them if they feel too exposed - convenient having 8 arms!

Picture is not best ever, it was taken quite deep down and there was not much light - I actually think I used the flash on this one. My old Olympus 725SW has done well for years - approaching 3 I think - but it might be up for an upgrade soon. It looks like the market for underwater P&S cameras has truly taken off and that there is actually a choice nowadays. www.dpreview.com has tested the contestants in a Waterproof Camera Group Test so next time we go snorkeling I might not be the only one taking pictures? :-)

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Tsun-Thai Chai said...

Hi Allan,

Fantastic account of your underwater adventure at Clovelly Bay and Gordon Bay! They are on my must-snorkel list for my visit to Sydney next week! Thanks for sharing!