Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Clovelly Bay down under

After the dry outback it was time again to find the tight-tight speedos and get wet. The walk towards the Clovelly carpark didn't exactly make me or Yiing, who I picked up at the busstop, believe that we were going to have a blast of a dive: The water was rough, it nearly started raining and a good wind blew from the East - Like a Danish summer day except for the direction of the wind.
Luckily, Clovelly pool was close by, when there is a low tide the partly man-made bay is very well protected from the surf and despite looking a bit cold it was definitely our best option. Down under the surface it was absolutely amazing; it looked like all the fish had gone for refuge in the bay as well and with very clear water I was able to take some great pictures ... until the battery ran out of juice.
From Clovelly Bay 18-04-2009

It was my first sighting of Moorish Idol here in Sydney and also a Numbfish was new to the list, however the sighting of the numbfish was a slightly sad story, it had died from trying to eat a Three-bar Porcupinefish killing both of them in the process.
Please feel free to take a look at all the pictures in my Picasa album:
Clovelly Bay 18-04-2009

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