Friday, May 1, 2009

Mogo Creek Camping Bonanza with Dr J. Amoore

Friday afternoon, not that many seconds after 4pm, I jumped into the Magna and pointed the sparkling bright white bonnet towards Yengo National Park, where I would be spending the weekend camping with Jarrod. Racing North out of Sydney on the Pacific Highway on a Friday afternoon means traveling at a leisurely pace of approximately 30kph - Sydney is such a vibrant place :-)
Met up with Jarrod at the campsite just as the sun was going down, it looked like we would be the only happy campers there that first night. Sorted out the tent, got hold of some firewood and got some water boiling. About 3 hours after leaving work I was sitting in the "wilderness" eating CousCous, having a glass of wine, watching the fire, chatting with Jarrod and just enjoying life - An Owlet-nightjar sitting in a tree 10 meters away tried to spoil the serenity by calling out loud, guess that is just one of those incidents you have to accept when you make your way out into nature .. ;-)

Had some fantastic walks Saturday and another cozy evening where Jarrod decided he wanted to try to melt the iron BBQ at our campsite by making the biggest bonfire ever seen in Yengo NP. The BBQ is still there - dented from the heat - but still there, it was a great fire though :-)

Sunday morning we left early, being very confident of the V6 performance of the Magna I left campsite and Jarrod (who was fiddling) not expecting to see the Mazda more that day. However, I underestimated the power of love!! The usual well-balanced, careful and responsible Dr Amoore had been missing his soon-to-be wife in Sydney so much during the weekend, that he decided to set aside all rules and hoon his way back home to Sydney. During a road work section of the Freeway with well signed "80" speed zones the love sick happy camper blasted past me doing at least 83kph - I frantically pushed the "Acc" button of the cruise control (once) but had to stop the chase before it even started - I was doing 81. As the Mazda disappeared into the horizon - with about 33.3 meter per minuet - It actually made me happy! :-) In a week, I'm going to Jarrod and Adelle's wedding and I am as sure as one can possibly be that it is going to be the start of a great marriage!

I have included a link below to a few extra pictures from the trip, feel free to follow the link (press the little picture) to my Picasa account. Cheers Allan
Mogo Creek, Yengo National Park

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