Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Best Dural Wedding-Camping Combo Ever!!

Jarrod and Adelle's wedding was an absolute stunner! A party that start with 40 minuets of dancing, cheering and clapping simply has to be one of the most life-affirming thinks a farm boy from the dark end of Jutland has ever seen! Unfortunately I do not have any pictures from the dinner, but can produce a few shots from a nearly equally exciting church ceremony.

It all ended up being an absolutely lovely day. Lots of happy people and great fun. I even had a little go at the dance floor, guess it could be linked to the intake of "Dancing-water". Adelle's dad had generously supplied each table with a bottle of whiskey and I thankfully used the opportunity to meet up with two good old friends of mine; Chivas and Regal. Just about when the good old feeling of "I'm Superman and I can drink all the whiskey in Australia" started echoing in my brain a little voice of age and experience reminded me of the chunk of Kryptonite built into the bottom of every whiskey bottle I have ever emptied ... wonder if that makes me old and boring?
Old and/or boring? I still had a trump card on my hand - I had pitched the tent at a campsite ca. 500m from the establishment where the venue was held. As the party fizzled out a very joyful, but seriously slow flying Superman made his way up the road to find his "Fortress of Solitude" aka the good old proven tent.
All in all an absolutely amazing day; super duper wedding followed by one of the most solid sleeps I have ever had in the tent - great wedding+camping combo :-)

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Jarrod said...

Ah the whisky, from what I saw you were not the only one partaking in that.