Sunday, May 31, 2009

Fish and Chips in Watson's bay

When I arrived in Sydney nearly 4 years ago, I was armed with roughly 30'ish years of life experience (one thing I have noticed other young people lack these days) and the 6th edition of "Turen Går til Australien" - a travel guide boasting the massive equivalent of 70 A4 pages where all you need to know about "The Land Down Under" is put in writing, from the Bungle Bungle in WA - apparently the pride and joy of WA tourism(?) - to the 10 things you have to do in Sydney. After my pelagic excitement the day before I took a liking to number 9: Fish and chips in Watson's bay ... the book suggested taking the ferry from Circular Quay, but the author has obviously never had the pleasure of being transported in a Magna, so I went with style ;-)

Living and working in Sydney you fall in the trap of forgetting how nice a place it really is. Watson bay is one of the not too shabby places and neither is the fish and chips ... there is also a nudist beach :-) - mostly men though :-( ... and no pictures from there :-( ... this time :-)

For the BWs I can reveal that it is a top spot for Peregrine Falcons, there are at least two.

As usual I have put together a little album on my Picasa account and you are very welcome to take a look by pressing the little picture below. I have included quite a few panoramas again - and I know you all sit and think "if just I could do that" ... and you can! Thanks to a little program Dr Simon Iremonger once showed me called Autostitch, there should be a link in the right hand side of the blog. As the "Auto" part of the name suggest it is super easy to use and it is free! If you as me do not have any lens options below 50mm (75mm FF equivalent) you will absolutely love it :-)
Watson's bay


Aleisha and Simon Iremonger said...

Sydney would be a great place to live if you could actually get to the nice parts without having to spend 2hrs stuck in a traffic jam. I guess for you though two hours stuck in the Magna is two hours of extreme luxury.

AGL said...

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I was obviously very happy with the successful start of my blog, but the Jutlandian alarm bell started ringing straight away - if you are born in Jutland you get the bell at birth and it rings every time someone offers you something without asking for a return straight away ;-) - well back to the link if you accidentally pressed it, then it is an excellent opportunity to test out one of the malware removers I link to on the blog; try both Spybot S&D and Malwarebytes, since this is good old fashion scam!

Cheers Allan

Jarrod said...

Blah, Sydney is overrated wank. Hamilton is probably better as atleast you can escape that hole in 15 mins in any direction. The houses are also affordable, which helps.

AGL said...

Hamilton? Is it the Island you are talking about? When you and your lovely wife move into a condo in the Eastern suburbs you will start loving Sydney as much as any Dane :-)