Monday, May 4, 2009

Big Rain in Coogee

Various people have asked me lately how the Magna was doing(?) I was slightly puzzled by this concern for my Australian build piece of Japanese machinery, apart from being surprisingly clean Sunday morning when I used it for my weekly trip to some bush (entry will follow soon) I had not been concerned.
After taking a look at Sydney Morning Herald I suddenly understood - Coogee had a bit rain Saturday evening!! :-) Actually we had 77mm of which most came between 7 and 9pm. That is a lot of water and living at the bottom of the hill, means that not only do you have to cope with the 77 mm coming down from the sky. You also have to take into account the flood of water that comes rushing down the street up from Randwick.
See the story in SMH here:

I had actually noticed that the amount of water coming down was slightly on the generous side, so had a little go with the camera in Havelock Ave. Nothing near what was apparently happening a few streets away but still a bit of fun, here are some of the pictures:
From Big Rain

From Big Rain

From Big Rain

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Jarrod said...

If it can make it to the budaeangs it can survive coogee.