Monday, February 22, 2010

Ben Boyd National Park - Finishing Day One

Teaming up with our travel companions - not the one above - we decided to explore slightly further away from the campsite and headed off for a little walk.

On our way to the park we had seen an echidna rapidly crossing the road in front of us while we were driving down towards the coast. During our little afternoon stroll we managed to get even closer to another echidna, this one decided to hide in some long grass rather than fleeing, unfortunately that also means that it had curled up to protect its not spiky underside and face and I had to do with a picture of a pile of spikes :-)

The observant reader will have noticed that so far there has been unusually few pictures of birds - apart from a single Wonga Pigeon in the previous post, there has been no additional feathered wildlife from the Ben boyd National park making it to the blog ... Unfortunately it is not because I intend to make a later BBNP bird post, but sadly because we saw very few good birds.

The lack of birds was however easily endured when you have all other types of action packed stuff happening around you. Nobody(!..?) will complain about the lack of ticks when you have sunsets as the one below ;-)

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