Saturday, March 6, 2010

Ben Boyd and Kosciuzko NP Long Weekend Road Trip Coming to An End

There you go! No more blog posts about Ben Boyd or Kosciuszko National Parks for a while at least. Fantastic road trip! Amazing how much of Australia you can cover over a long (4 days) weekend and equally amazing how fast the landscape changes when traveling. From the scrubby coastal heath, through dense dark rain forest to treeless alpine regions in a day!

We saw next to no new birds, but we saw so much other stuff that it is hard to be disappointed. It totally makes sense visiting either one of the southern coastal parks or a "cold" alpine park during Australian summer. The fact that both of the parks are located only a "short" half day drive from Sydney makes the trip we did very doable in 4 days and we did not have the feeling of having to drive all the time. Choosing only one of the parks it should indeed be possible to do in a normal weekend.

As usual I have made a Picasa album with the best pictures from the trip, some have already been used in the blog post, but there are a few more you can access by following the link below. This holiday was the first time I really started using my new macro lens and it was super exciting shooting with such a type of lens. I am amazed how versatile it is. Obviously it shines doing macro photography, but the night shooting capabilities and the fact that I more or less could use it as a walk-around lens were pleasant surprises.
Macro photography is not expensive at all! An old manual focus lens will be fine, set the lens to 1:1 i.e. its closest focusing distance and obtain focus by leaning forward and backwards. Most macro lenses are super sharp and even if you are a fanboy that gets shivers when thinking of putting a 3rd party lens on your camera, I can calm you down by telling that I have seen old manual micro (that is macro in Nikon language) Nikkor lenses selling at less than $25 on ebay.
Kosciuszko National Park

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