Monday, March 15, 2010

Sydney Royal Botanic Gardens - Buff-banded Rail

Once again Sydney was capable of delivering a surprise bird in a very unlikely spot - meters away from some of the most busy streets of Sydney CBD we stumbled upon a Buff-banded Rail - never seen that one before :-)

The Royal botanic gardens in Sydney is a quite fantastic place, there is everything a tourist could possibly hope for; bats, birds, views of the Opera house and the Harbour bridge and weird and wonderful plants - so bring your camera!

We had actually not really planned anything specifically, but with subpar weather and some particularly dark clouds in the horizon we were thrilled to get ourselves a set of tickets for a guided tour of the Government House - how much more touristy can it be?..! :-)

The tour of Government house is free, but you are not allowed to take pictures inside. On a rainy day it can definitely be recommended! With everything wet from the rain and relative humidity hitting 100% we slowly pushed down towards the center of the park for a look at the bats and a few flower close-ups.

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