Friday, September 24, 2010

Lamington National Park - Creatures of The Night

Another stunning sunset and we were getting ready for a well deserved rest. A long day in the boots followed by an excellent dinner - there was no doubt that we could fall asleep .. if it had not been for all the excitement going on outside the apartment.

An army of moths and other insects were lured onto the rain forest terrace by the shine from the lights inside the apartment. Having had the macro lens on the camera most of the day using it as a fast semi-tele lens it was only appropriate to finally get it a bit of proper close-up action.

I (nearly) always try to name at least a few of the critters that make it all the way to a blog post - lets just be honest - it is a tough one this time :-) However, as always you realize how fantastic the internet truly is and a bit of looking around reveals that Australian moths apparently have a good solid fan base out there in cyberspace :-) The beautiful white and black spotted creature above could very well be from the Ethmiidae family - Ethmia clytodoxa maybe?

All good! Great finish to an eventful day. I have made a little Picasa album for those of you who consider starting a career in moth identification. Any help naming these critters is very welcome.

Lamington NP 2010 Insects


Jarrod said...

Ant the best bit is you did not even need to leave your balcony to see them all.

AGL said...

Yeah, after 22km of walking that day I was pretty happy to just run around and takes photos in bare feet - I can't remember if I mentioned it, but I had forgotten my walking boots in Coogee and had to buy new ones during our drive north .. lets just say that 50km in new boots can be hard on the feet ;-)

AGL said...

.. Actually - Jarrod - I had expected that you could help me out with the naming of some of the moths(?) ;-)

Cheers Allan