Thursday, September 2, 2010

Sydney Olympic Park - Above And Below The Surface

Back in Sydney and we celebrated by going for a wander in Sydney Olympic Park with the boys - keen binocular slinging long time bloggers Iain and Jarrod. What a lovely way to spend a Sunday, we managed to clock up a good amount of kilometers while spotting wildlife, snapping photos and solving most of the troubles of the world.

Sydney Olympic Park always delivers - maybe not anything breathtakingly exotic - it is still in Sydney after all :-) but a good selection of fish, birds and insects, what more can you hope for? Also, as I argued in the latest Perth post, wildlife in parks is very photogenic, if you are after good wildlife close-up photos you are better off going to a busy park than into the wild.

Good stuff! Excellent company and a great day out, back to the car at the sneaky free car park at Triangular Pond - No Lewin's Rail this time around, but only little G. needed that one, so who cares? ;-)
Those of you who are still wondering what creature I caught in the first photo can see a half-"full body shot" of this underwater Juggernaut patrolling the waters of Sydney Olympic Park - I will suggest using tight tight speedos if you should want to go for a swim :-D


Mark Young said...

SOP's always great for a visit. Have you been to nearby Mason Park at all? It's a good spot for getting close to shorebirds, and you'll see ones that you wont see from the bird hide.

AGL said...

Hi Mark,

Thanks for the tip :-) I have been to Mason park once or twice, but should probably consider taking a closer look. It seems that there is a low tide every time I visit the SOP bird hide so birds are to far away for photos - I will give Mason Park a go :-)

Cheers Allan

Mark Young said...

Mason Park is also tidal, so high tide would be better than low tide.