Sunday, September 27, 2009

Dust Storm Hits Sydney - Additional Material ;-)

Got a few extra pictures from the "famous" dust storm that hit Sydney last week. Before leaving for work I made it to the roof terrace and got a few extra shots of Coogee covered in red.

I teamed up with my Olympus and the Magna expecting to be able to take a few shots on my way to work - it was tempting to make a little detour to the Opera House, for once there would be a chance of making a picture different from the trillions of Sydney Opera House pictures already taking up memory in the cloud and on hard drives around the world - but I could not let the capacitors wait ;-) ... and instead of 1 of 10^12 it would still only be 1 of 10^3 - a simple google search will easily reveal that :-D

As can be seen the red color turned increasingly yellow as the sun rose and a bit of the magic fizzled out, left was just lots of dust. According to the news a large fraction of the Sydneysiders panicked and foolishly paid good money to have their cars cleaned - The Magna and I are obviously way to stingy for such stupidity, it will probably rain in one of coming months or we might even get another dust storm coming - so no need to waste money on such temporary beautification.


Jarrod said...

Good to see you didn't wash the car. After all it will certainly get dirty on a trip to Gundabooka.

This is Good Time for Story said...

Wow, that is great idea Why do we wash the car when going dirty again?