Friday, September 25, 2009

A Long Day in Botany Bay NP - Part 3 - Insects and Wildflowers

My first insect in flight (IIF) photo :-) This little fly had a very curious behavior, it was flying about 10-20cm above the ground in a very intermittent way. Standing absolutely still examining the ground for about 2-4 seconds and then performing a quick move to a new spot reengaging into the surveillance mode. I do not know what it was searching for, but considering the massive (compared to body size) spear like protrusion, I just know that I would not like to be the target of its attention.

I cannot help getting sucked into macro photography! Still contemplating on how much return I can expect from an investment in some macro glass. Will it end up on the shelf, with me continuing shooting pseudo-macro with the Bigma or will I actually carry another (couple of) kilo(s) of glass around and use most of the time changing between lenses? :-)

Bull ants are very impressive fighters! Putting 3 kilo of camera equipment near them and they will stand on their back legs frantically trying to attack the intruder - put xx kg of Danish farm boy and they will in similar fashion do anything possible to spur an encounter.

If you know your bull ants well, you will actually be able to determine where you are from variation in the coloration of the bull ant chewing on your leg. They can be anywhere from all red to all black and as large as 40mm, in common though; they all have a nasty bite ;-)

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