Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Coogee in Spring - Whale and Yellow-tailed Black-cockatoo Action

Even when the weather is bad, you can find action-packed entertainment just outside your door in Coogee :-) It was one of those Sundays where a steady flow of coffee in combo with the newspaper and Landline on ABC seemed to be the very best way Sydneysiders could spend their Sunday morning, weather was poor and an irregular surf eliminated any chance of some good snorkeling.

Good telly do unfortunately not last forever and when I get very caffeinated my apartment is not big enough, so we found a break in between the showers and headed out for a quick little walk.

Excellent idea! Less than 10 minuets after putting the boots on the tally included a whale and a flock of probably 20 Yellow-tailed Black-Cockatoos. The YTBCs were feeding vigorously in the trees just north of Coogee beach and showed absolutely no concern towards the Dane running around below the trees frantically trying to keep details in the black feathers while not overexposing the cloudy bright sky.

Guess there are two approaches to photography: You either very carefully compose and plan your shoots and get a high keeper rate - guess that is what you do if you are skilled in photography(?) Or you do as I did: Shoot a lot(!) and hope that some come out great :-D ... I actually managed to shoot so many that a few are likely to end up on my wall one day.

While running around under the trees a very helpful lady came up and said "with such a long lens, you should nearly try to take a few pictures of the whales" How sweet is that?! :-)
Guess the lesson is to get the bum of the sofa and get out and explore. Turning to a very different topic, I have started experimenting a bit with long exposure night panoramas ... a type of photography that screams for a good solid tripod! I do not have one yet (tripod that is), but sometimes you can actually get by without. Since Coogee is mentioned in the title I will throw an attempt in here and save the price of another blog entry :-)

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