Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Sydney Olympic Park - Homebush

It has been very quiet on the blog lately - sorry about that! If it can be any comfort the reason for the posting drought is that I have been enormously busy running around with the camera trying to make something happen in the life of Allan so that there would be something exciting to write about later ... and also I must admit that it took me longer than usual to fill out my tax return this year. I might have to rethink my filing system, it seems the good old "keep everything that look important in a pile"-system has grown increasingly cumbersome after 4 years down under :-)

Sydney Olympic Park is a great spot to kill a few hours after trying to find receipts for old flight tickets - at least it stops you from killing other things, such as filing systems and hard-to-search-email-programs ;-)

Triangular Pond is always worth a visit, we got all excited when the little fellow below started darting in between some grass mounds close to the far side - hence the poor image quality - It looks a little bit like something that has lost its tail - any suggestions are welcome.

Otherwise the usual suspects were out showing their feathers:

Walking through the Brickpit ring walk the presence of an Australasian Grebe on the water below could have ended up in a different and dare I say interesting angle for a bird photo - unfortunately it did not really click :-( It was beginning to go dark, the bird was not straight underneath and ca. 20 meters is probably slightly on the long side for a bird of that size .. better luck next time.

Just to make sure it is not all birds I have included this little guy that was lying on the tarmac trying to suck the last bit of heat out of the sun-warm ground before nightfall.

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