Saturday, November 14, 2009

Eastlakes Golf Course

Eremaea had once again a post telling about all the wonders that reside at the Eastlakes Golf Course. I have never really liked the place - have only been there once - and ended up with exceptional muddy boots and nothing much more interesting than a few Welcome Swallows and some New Holland Honeyeaters.

Well, well - someone never learns and once again I found myself with muddy shoes in the reeds surrounding one of the lakes of the golf course. It was slightly better this time - but only slightly.

EGC is one of those places where you do much better if you arrive at the break of dawn, the good old standing looking into a setting sun is not the way to go! Highlight of the day was probably that even though I had muddy boots, it was still dry boots! Shoes on the other hand has the disadvantage of being significantly shorter than boots and my companion learned the hard way that those extra centimeters of Gore-Tex can make the difference between a bad day in the reeds and a terrible day in the swamp :-D

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