Monday, July 20, 2009

Clovelly Bay Revisited

It is not that often we snorkel in Clovelly bay, guess it feels a bit less "natural" than the neighboring Gordon's bay due to the concrete walls. However, there is no doubt that it is excellent snorkeling and if the surf is really rough your best chance for some snorkeling in the Eastern suburbs is Clovelly ... or Little Bay, but that is another story ;-)

Saturday proved to be one of these absolutely amazing Sydney winter days that reminds you of a Danish summer equivalent. Surf was a bit rough though and while walking North for a bit of snorkeling I decided that I was probably more likely to get good visibility in Clovelly rather than anywhere else in walking distance.

Water temperature has started dropping fast and I should probably have brought my wetsuit ... guess I am getting soft :-) Well, cold water is clear water and despite some really rough conditions outside the protective walls of the bay I had some decent clear water to take pictures in.

I had made a serious beginner mistake when preparing for my snorkel! I had left my bag, clothes and apartment key(!) in what I expected to be safe distance from the water, approximately 5 meters away but still on the flat concrete, while I was in snorkeling the waves increased in strength and actually managed to flood the entire concrete area on the South side of the bay. While I was happily "whaling" around my bits and pieces where in imminent danger of being wash out to sea!

I realized all this when I came back to the spot where my stuff was supposed to be only finding wet concrete, instead all my stuff, including sour socks, shoes, my bag and a pair of knickers (luckily not as sour as the socks) was gently moved another meter inland up on a little rock into safety :-) How good is that? In some countries you cannot leave stuff unattended without it being stolen - in Australia people will save your gear when you recklessly put it at risk - Thank you! :-)

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