Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Good Quality Relaxing in Long Bay

It is quite fantastic to have a "secret" spot only 5 minutes drive away from where you live, with albatrosses, whales and nature galore ... even producing a surprise tick once and a while ;-) All of this happening in a crowded city of 4.5M people and still you can sit alone recharging the capacitors with a million dollar view and not a soul around! :-)

It was all happening, a Nankeen Kestrel eating while on the wing - I have spared you for the pictures where it was getting bloody - and an Eastern Reef Egret performing on one of the rock platforms, great bird - and a new one for me!

The slightly more ocean going wildlife was in place as well, a few whales were heading North approximately a kilometer from the coast, at least 2 species of albatrosses were seen and I was lucky to get decent BIFs of some feathered wildlife flying close to shore.

Walking back after a couple of high quality hours I guess the mood got the better of me and turned a bit "arty" - sorry about that :-)

With a bit of help from the Nikon I even produced the HDR below, 5 raw images taken with one stop between combined and tone mapped trying to capture the sun setting behind Long Bay - in real life it was even better :-)

Long Bay, revisited

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Leon said...

Hey Allan!
How is it going? Sounds you're still having a great time down there...! Compliments with the blog, very professional photos, impressive zoom lens, I think it features on one of the photos Iain took, great stuff for a bird watcher! I also liked the picasa entries with outback pictures by the way. I just started to reanimate my Sydney blog, do you know how to change the blog title, it's kind of out-dated... Anyway I will try to add stuff regularly (especially in summer probably), I saw you still had the link in your blog.
cheers, Leon