Saturday, July 4, 2009

Taffy's Rock, Bushwalking in Ku-ring-gai Chase National Park

Jarrod and Adelle had again made sure our weekend would be action packed! This time the event was going to take place in the Ku-ring-gai Chase National Park and we, Iain, Jarrod, Adelle and yours truly, were all set to depart the vibrant township of Cowen early 9.34am Saturday morning heading into the wild.

I really like walking in Ku-ring-gai, wildlife is not the best around and the trees are a bit scrubby, but the vistas are absolutely fantastic! The combination of rock, bush and water is gob smacking and gives an excellent opportunity of doing a bit of landscape photography ... and carrying 3kg of camera up and down the track makes you very fit ... or just sweaty!

We were heading for Taffy's rock, a not so well traveled part of the park, but famous for its views and apparently the presence of a hard-to-find plaque in honor of Taffy, hence the name of the place. As we arrived to "the first" Taffy's rock, a search for the plague was unsuccessful and after a bit of debating and a thorough examination of the map, it was realized that we were indeed not there yet - it was a very nice rock though, see the picture above.

Well, well - no worries we headed for the next one :-) Arriving at the next hill, it all gave sense. Views were absolutely stunning and Adelle "hawk-eye" Shasha/Amoore spotted the plaque honoring Taffy faster than any of us boys could have zoomed in on a "for sale" sign in clothes boutique :-D - this time we were definitely on the right rock.

The only problem about bushwalking in winter is that time is limited - we could have used longer time enjoying the views - but at the moment sundown happens just slightly after 5pm and we had a bit of climbing on the way back.

Great walk, a good long day in the boots and how good is it to come home and know that you deserve your gnocchi ;-)
A few more pictures are included in the Picasa link below:
Ku-ring-gai Chase NP

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