Friday, December 4, 2009

Back in Sunny Perth - Kings Park

Those Perthians did quite well when they decided to make space for Kings Park in their city :-) Fantastic park that offers everything from (nearly) real wild bush to overpriced sandwiches shops with pond view. ;-)

The most visited part of the park also doubles as a Botanic Garden. There are some seriously impressive trees and plants. One of these is the Boab Tree in the picture below, despite its 750 years of life experience, it is a newcomer to the park, only just arrived last year after making the trip from the north end of WA - 3200 kilometers - lying down behind a truck! Read the story and see the pictures.

This year we used a bit of time examining a very impressive exhibition of Kangaroo Paws - genus Anigozanthos. I have seen many of them in Sydney where they are very popular garden plants, what I did not know was that the family is endemic to the south west of WA - so I guess having them displayed in Perth makes sense.

Quite happy about the yellow one above! Conditions were absolutely fantastic for taking photos - lots of super warm afternoon light and you just had to press the trigger and hope something was in focus :-)

It was all very fantastic except from a birding point of view! Yes, yes - I know a little flock of Short-billed Black-Cockatoo is a great spot except I have already seen them and had instead hoped to see some of the more common - but still exclusively western birds - like Western Yellow Robin and the W. Spinebill, both birds that are very similar to their Eastern counterparts but different enough to qualify as other species.

After a warm day in the park we hit the beach ... compared to Coogee I must admit the sand/people ratio was slightly better .. i.e. Lots(!) of sand and next to no people :-)

The first picture of this post is a panorama, it is stitched together from 3 pictures, feel free to click the picture and you will be taken to a high resolution version.

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