Sunday, December 27, 2009

Sculpture by the Sea – Sydney 2009

Once a year the eastern beaches of Sydney are being utilized as showground for somewhere around 100 pieces of artwork, the event is called Sculpture by the Sea. It is an exceptionally successful way of displaying what the gang of arty Sydneysiders – and some international colleagues - have been up to during the long(?) winter months.

Sneaking your creation in between the nearly 100 sculptures displayed along the coastal walk ensures you are exposed to hundreds of thousands of viewers, tens of thousands of photographers and maybe even a potential costumer or two.

After having followed the show for a few years by now, you start recognizing the style of some of the artists and dare I say that you start getting a couple of favorites.

Also, having done the tour before, you learn the hard way that weekends are not the smartest time to make a impulse visit to the shenanigans – instead this year we very carefully planned our visit to be late afternoon during the week, which resulted in a very pleasant experience of being able to take pictures of the creations without having to battle an army of other wannabe photographers for a clean shot.

I have uploaded a selected few pictures to my picasa account. Feel free to visit the album by pressing the square picture below.
Sculpture By The Sea

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