Sunday, December 27, 2009

Wood Chop in Blackheath

Making our way back from the Capertee Valley we were contemplating where to do our coffee stop. Having dad along we decided not to opt for Lithgow Sewage treatment plant, but instead spend a bit of time surrounded by some Blue Mountain coziness in Blackheath.

Excellent decision! Indeed Blackheath was firing on all cylinders with heaps of stuff going on, including a wood chop competition, which caught our interest. Of all the weird and wonderful Australian sports I have witnessed, wood chop is right up there at the top as one of the most impressive ways of keeping fit.

The presence of a hot dog sale associated with the chopping bonanza only made the entire thing even more Australian and a few of us managed to find space for a bit of food.

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Anonymous said...

1. Yes, I can see that the competitors are indeed very fit.
2. Well, compared to cricket, there's not much competition is there?
3. Wow am I bitchy, in this holiday season no less?
No one ever comments on your posts, so I am contributing. How's Christmas at home? Is it snowing?
Anyway, take care, Merry Christmas (belated) and Happy New Year to you and everyone there!