Monday, December 21, 2009

Capertee Valley - The Rest

Before dinner we decided to drive a bit along the valley floor, first of all to satisfy my dads hunger for a bit of left-hand side driving in some seriously luxurious Australian-quality-build vehicle .. i.e. the Magna :-)

The little feathery guy above and a Grey-crowned Babbler were great spots before the light faded and the light hungry Bigma had to call it quits. A bit of gnocchi and a good sleep and we would be ready for the morning.

After our usual early morning walk followed by some of Gemma's most delicious breakfast, we were ready to leave the valley. The early morning drive out through the grassy valley was once again fantastic. With dad at the wheel I could concentrate on capturing as much of the action along the road as possible.

Heaps of stuff going on and once again I managed to get another tick - the third of the trip, not at all something I had expected. The culprit being the heavy beaked little fellow in the first of the pictures below.

With all that luck floating around we decided to give good old Crown Station Rd another go to see if the Regent Honeyeaters were home .. Unfortunately there was no sign of the endangered HE, but we had a great walk and managed to see yet another species of babbler.

Dad did his last bit of Australian driving and as we hit the tarmac again, I pointed the shining bonnet of the Magna towards Coogee. It was a great little trip to good old Capertee Valley with a surprisingly high number of new birds. On the way home we stopped for a cup of coffee in Blackheath and managed to witness a bit of wood chop action!

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