Thursday, December 3, 2009

South-West of Western Australia - Day Two

After a absolutely fantastic sleep we woke up in the middle of the forest - how cozy does that hut look? :-) After some delicious and seriously fiber rich breakfast we were ready to hit some nature. A little morning walk had already delivered a few highlights including two new species:
White-breasted Robin
Western Thornbill
The W-b Robin was all over the place, whereas it took a lot of photos of Inland Thornbills before we finally got hold of the Western.

Once again the program was action packed! The plan was to head towards Walpole and Denmark in the very south end of WA, while making sure to see what the country side had to offer on the way.

After stops at Snake Gully - where we did not see the Purple-crowned Lorikeet - and Broke Inlet - where we saw a Scarlet Robin - we finally found our self in Denmark, WA. The place of the Valley of the Giants and the Tree top walk ... and a very large Welcome to Denmark sign :-)

To be continued ...

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