Thursday, January 7, 2010

Lane Cove Owl Hunting and Maitland Bay Snorkeling

If there has ever been a misrepresenting title it is probably the one above :-) After sending my dad back to Denmark, little G. and yours truly teamed up with the Amoores for what we expected to be a bit of Maitland Bay snorkeling bonanza.

Before getting into the tight tight speedoes and the rest of the underwater gear, we hoped for a little rendezvous with a Powerful Owl supposedly residing in Lane Cove National Park. With some telephonic help and a bit of luck we managed to find the roosting spot but unfortunately the owl had decided to leave. Nevertheless I was quite satisfied with the stopover, since I managed to see and “digitalize” an Yellow-throated Scrubwren at the creek and also got reasonable pictures of a water dragon and a Huntsman spider that Adelle liked so much that she invited it to travel along on our journey. The YTS was new to me :-)

Arriving at Maitland Bay we soon realized that our pitfall with the owl was matched with an “extreme fire danger”-sign announcing that good old Maitland Bay was well and truly of limit – the walk down to the bay through the bush was simply considered to dangerous!

After a bit of deliberation and some advice from the local National Park volunteer we decided that it was to much of a drive to not get the speedoes wet, so we drove down the hill to Putty Beach for a bit of beach and snorkeling. The beach was fantastic and the snorkeling was medium, but all in all orders of magnitude better than just driving home.

Leaving the beach we headed for Killcare for a bit of lunching and to stimulate a bit of dreaming by examining some Central Coast real estate. Fantastic end of town up there! Not exactly cheap, but still fair enough that you pay for a location with ocean views and national park in the backyard.

While walking around J. "hawk-eye" Amoore noticed that a flock of Rainbow Lorikeets in a distant tree was accompanied by a "different" type of parrot .. a quick investigation involving nearly a hundred shots with the Bigma and I could once again find the pen and tick a new bird, the Musk Lorikeet.

Great way to spend a Saturday and it might be worth looking at prices in postcode 2257 ;-)

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