Thursday, January 7, 2010

The TK Hits the Blue Mountains

Oh joy, Oh joy - The TK decided to take a break from the poison business and give those poor shareholders a deserved couple of green weeks. After nearly a week of full-on Sydney sightseeing it was finally time to hit the road and see some mountains - The blue type.

I nearly always take guests bushwalking around Wentworth Falls. On the life-of-Allan-bushwalking-scale it scores very very high, since it is manages to pack a punchy combo of wildlife, waterfalls, forest, vistas and good quality bushwalk into a package that can easily be unwrapped in less than 5 hours.

As expected TK was up for the challenge and had even dressed appropriately using camouflage colors supposedly being able to sneak unseen around in the wilderness. Indeed we were quite blessed with an impressive selection of wildlife on display.

Managed to get some decent photos of a relaxed water dragon sunning at the bottom of the falls.

But also the birds - Lyrebird above - and fish?..! were out in full force! ;-)

Great walk and a fantastic day in the mountains! After fueling up on coffee and some good quality Australian pies we fired up the Magna and drove west - the target destination being another good old favorite: Capertee Valley!

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