Saturday, January 30, 2010

Bicentennial Park - Double The Fun? Additional Material

There you go! I was so sure that the Godwit in the previous post was not the Bar-tailed since there was not even shadow of barring under the tail, however, I am very privileged having some expert birders reading the blog and it was pointed out that the slightly up-turned beak is not a feature normally associated with the Black-tailed G. So can it be a Hudsonian? (a bird I did not even consider, since it is in the vagrant bird section of my book, Simpson & Day - Morcombe has included it in the main section though) Or is it just a Bar-tailed without bars?

Suggestions are most welcome :-)

It is quite embarrassing that I probably did not choose the best picture for my potential cuckoo - sorry! Some of you know my approach to taking pictures; if you are not that good you just have to take a lot more :-D so I had quite a few of the little feathered guy in question. Here is a few more showing the coloration around the tail and the shadow behind and around the eye.

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Iain said...

Ah, there you go! Great cuckoo pictures! Definitely a juvenile Horsfield's Bronze-cuckoo. Lots of red in the tail and marking behind the eye. I'm tending towards Bar-tailed Godwit even though the Bar-tail is not that clear. We need a classic BIF shot to rule out the vagrant Hudwit!