Friday, January 8, 2010

Capertee Valley with TK

Capertee Valley never disappoints! Driving in we were greeted with a fantastic display of the sun slowly setting in the east lighting up the rocky mountains - great view! .. and a few parrots feeding on the gravel road always impress a couple of Danish boys :-)

Another Australian summer specialty is bush fires. As we approached the campsite in Glen Davis, we witnessed the efforts being undertaken to battle the fires. A helicopter fueling site had been set up on the fields just outside of Glen Davis and the river had been dug out to shorten the time needed to load water.

Setting up camp was quickly done and the good old well proven combo of gnocchi and red wine was (as always) very effective against tired legs and insomnia :-)

Early mornings in the bush are absolutely fantastic, so when you manage to get your carcass out of the tent, it is all firing left right and center. The vulture looking bird below is in fact a Noisy Friarbird.

Having Danish visitors along it was quite a relief to see a kangaroo alive, we had seen a sadly high number of dead ones lying along the roads east side of the Blue Mountains.

We also managed to acquaint our selves with some less feathery, but still flying Australian wildlife - flies! Considering that we still had quite a few hundred kilometers to proper outback I guess we were both impressed by the swarm we managed to attract ;-)

On the way home we made a couple of strategic stops at various creek crossings .. unfortunately there was no sign of the Regent Honeyeater, but we saw some impressive bridges :-)


Jarrod said...

Looks hot and nasty. Still at least that will be a true Australian outback experience, particularly with all the flies.

Iain said...

You've been camping with Doctor Khoury?! I thought he was overseas finding a wife.

AGL said...

I understand the confusion :-) The Danish TK version mentioned in the text above is in many ways similar to the Sydney version. However there are subtle differences that should not be underestimated; e.g. the blond hair and an overflowing supply of super dry Jutlandian humor :-)