Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Farewell Denmark - See You Soon Again

That was it! We had to leave Denmark and all the snow behind and once again make our way down south and a bit out to the right to our lives in Sydney. Having been en-gifted with a 16GB memory card I suddenly had heaps of room to play and was embracing the new found freedom with a bit of memory hungry high dynamic range (HDR) photography. Shoot for example 5 raw photos of the same scene, at -2, -1, 0, +1 and +2 stops exposure compensation, My Nikon D300 has a bracketing function that will allow you to do this automatically (up to 9 photos at various exposure intervals), but it is easily done manually. Combining all the photos with some HDR handling software (I use Photomatix Pro) you get a picture, where the details in the dark as well as in the light have been preserved, making the scene more similar to how our eyes see - actually our eyes cheat by changing the aperture (the diameter of the pupil) when switching between bright and dark areas not much different from how you cheat when making a HDR photo :-)

Stacking 5 pictures, however, is very revealing when it comes to exposing how dirty your sensor is .. so before I get a flood of comments about the spot(s) in the photo I can just as well admit that it is about time the good old Nikon gets a scrub - most was handled with a simple image sensor vibration, but I might have to do a wet clean one of these days - if you think the HDR looks dirty, I can assure you that having acquired a macro lens is even more revealing than HDR stacking :-/


Jarrod said...

I thought those pictures were looking rather good and something must be up.

AGL said...

I had to crop the windmill picture because of the hair present in the lower left of all my pictures - when stacked it was so much in your face that I could nearly make a DNA analysis of it! :-/