Friday, January 29, 2010

Centennial Park - Just Around The Corner

Back to wonderful long days with glorious amounts of light! Not bad at all :-) Photography wise it just makes everything so easy - hand holding the bigma at 500mm (750mm full frame equivalent) is no problem at all, give the ISO button a little tap and park the aperture at f/8.0 and you get shutter speeds so fast that you do not even need to cut down on the morning coffee.

Choosing a gentle start to the year with a visit to (underrated?) Centennial Park just up the hill from Coogee might not exactly qualify as an encounter with the wildest wild of Australian wildlife. So, claiming that Australian animals are less shy than the Danish equivalent based solely on this visit could arguably be seen as an non-random unscientific selection of data points, however, there is no doubt that a visit to the park is very rewarding when it comes to the posibility of getting bird close ups. I should point out straight away that the pictures in this post has been obtained without the help of unsportsmanlike methods .. i.e. bringing bread or making bread like noises ;-)

Apart from seeing plenty more turtles than I usually do, it was very much the usual gang of birds being in charge of the entertainment. The Little Corella is always around this time of year and on a plank in the lake was a little love triangle unfolding - the female to the left, in the picture below, seemed very relaxed about the drama when two male Hardheads started fighting over the spot next to her - the initial looks they gave each other not much different from what you see in the pub late a Friday night.

All good - Centennial Park is close and a great spot to kill a few hours, I might try to do it on the bike next time and let the camera stay home though.

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