Monday, January 18, 2010

Geddal Tidal Meadow and Sønder Lem Creek

I never knew while I was living in Denmark, but apparently I have had one of the absolute best Danish birding locations in my backyard - less than 8km from home is Sønder Lem vig & Geddal strandenge. The Danish ornithological society has been so kind to produce a proper English guide to the Danish birding hotspots, which include SLV & GS. The guide can be accessed by following this link SLV & GS is fourth on the list.

This quite restricted area, only covering 1670 hectares, boasts an absolutely astonishing 227 species seen at the location, that is about half of the bird species in Denmark - all crammed into a bit of wetland close to home - Guess it will be a bit of fun if I ever make it to Denmark during the summer months! :-)

Once again the birds were super shy and unless this gets better during the summer months I will have to consider gearing up with a teleconverter and some solid support, since as you can see above and below, the bigma was pushed to the limit .. The Grey Heron (Fiskehejre) above was, according to Google Earth, 210 meters away - not optimal conditions :-D

Time in Denmark was slowly running out and we decided to give the walk around Balling a final go. I still hoped to get a better picture of the Common Snipe and there is always the possibility of something unexpected jumping out in front of us, as a final reason we would be walking in the afternoon giving a very different type of light compared to what we had been treated with during our morning walks.

We had a great trip! The white bum above was this years first proper(?) picture of a deer. During our walks we probably saw deer 5 times, but always at a far distance. This one was close and gone in 3 photos :-)

Also, I finally managed to get pictures of both Blue Tit (Blåmejse) and Great Tit (Musvit) not rare at all, but considering how I struggled during the first week, I actually started feeling that I was getting a bit of an edge on the temperamental Danish wildlife.

Great stuff! It will be fantastically exciting to see the valley again this summer, no doubt it will be different and hopefully there will be a bit more light around.

As I mentioned earlier we were walking in the afternoon and in the end of the walk the sun was hanging very low in the sky, exactly the conditions I had hoped for. Out of the valley you have to go up this sunken road with scrubby windblown trees on the western side, one of the days we had had the most fantastic light going up there - and I had forgotten the camera! Not this time though. :-)

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