Wednesday, August 19, 2009

... And A Bit Of Sydney

After our early morning trip to the cliffs of Coogee, we decided to push the tourist theme even further and do the Circular Quay with Opera house and Harbour bridge combo followed by The Botanical Garden - the chance of seeing the Barn Owl down there might have added just enough energy to the equation to let us squeeze above the activation barrier and suddenly we found ourselves sitting on the bus heading towards the absolute tourist hotspot of Sydney.

Had a great few hours in the Botanical Garden. Great spot, lots of stuff to be amazed about. The flying-foxes are always worth an extra look and we managed to find a part of the garden where neither of us have ever been ... but we did not see any owls.

After using a bit of time running around in the fern house pushing all the most arty buttons on the camera doing portraits of everything from Gemma to Staghorn Ferns we took of towards China Town - we were going shopping :-)

Paddy's markets! My Danish tourist book failed to tell about this place and therefore obviously did not put it on any "what to see in Sydney" list either. I would probably rate it as one of the things to see if any of the readers should decide to visit Sydney. There is a bit of everything and if you dare I can recommend going Sunday afternoon somewhere around 4.30pm to see the absolute mayhem taking place 30 min before closing time when all the fruit salesmen goes ballistic in an attempt to get rid of the last bit of fruit that still is sellable, but will not have a chance the day after.

Near perfect day! I always wonder why we need to carry 10 bags of fruit home, but must admit that it is tasty and great to have in the house and many boys out there will probably envy me for carrying bags home after a trip to town with the girlfriend not much more expensive than $1/kg ;-)

By pressing the little picture below you will be taken to the Picasa album where there will be a few extra pictures from downtown Sydney.
A bit of Sydney

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Jarrod said...

I think only weird tourists like paddys market. It is disgusting overcrowded whole, that is not unlike a dead kangaroo carcass swarming with maggots.