Friday, August 21, 2009

Capertee Valley Camping With The Gang

Friday afternoon we headed towards the backside of the Blue Mountains for a bit of a camping bonanza with the gang ... the first hour or so was however spent on Parramatta road wondering why all the other people living in Sydney had decided to leave at exactly the same time as us.

Got to the campsite at around 8pm just in time to join an action packed game of card so thrilling that Gemma managed to stay awake until nearly 12 o'clock - guess the means the jetlag excuse cannot be used anymore :-)

Early morning in the Valley gave a rare display of Australian frost - some readers of the blog might find the sighting of frost a non-event, but living in Sydney it is one of those things you have to travel to experience :-)

Even the welcome swallows had found the winter coats to stay warm :-) After an early morning bird and photography walk it was time for some good solid camping breakfast. So impressive was the amount of action going on that it attracted a couple of younger campers and we all learned how well A + J and uncle P deal with fire and sharp equipment in presence of tiny fingers.

Despite having walked close to 4 hours in the morning, the energy intake during breakfast .. and/or that fact that the camping site was as busy as a Sydney beach suburb made us seek the comfort of the hiking boots and the tranquility of the bush again. This time heading heading up the Newnes track.

After returning to the campsite we were joined by Dr I who had decided to join the party, great guns, no names mentioned but I guess a few of the happy campers thought there would be a chance of gaining a bit of glory during the card game in the evening having a(nother) virgin "500" player in our midst :-D

To be continued ..


Jarrod said...

A blind leper could have flogged you lads at cards.

DavidG said...

better that than the lads flogging a blind leper