Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Warriewood Wetlands

Another weekend, another attempt of seeing as much of Australia as possible, this time we had decided to visit the north-east end of Sydney, starting with Warriewood wetlands (WW) and then working our way down along the coast.

Every time I have been to WW, I start out being quite skeptical about the quality of the spot, but I always end up being happy doing the trip. Wedged in between a shopping centre, some residential area and a semi busy road it seems quite unlikely to be worth the visit. As soon as you dive into the "wilderness", get onto the boardwalk and leave the clatter behind, you realize that it is a great little green oasis in the middle of a busy Sydney suburb.

Being more or less surrounded by water seems to be a great way of getting BIF photo opportunities. Managed to convince some ducks to setup a bit of a synchronized show and we were surprised to see quite an impressive display of various predators.

A bit of a disaster was that Gemma probably saw a Tawny Grassbird and I did not :-\ Do not really know how we will resolve this issue, either she will have to close her eyes next time there is something exciting around or I will have to send her abroad for a while and make up the deficit ;-)
There are a few extra pictures in the Picasa album below, press the little picture of the Collared Sparrowhawk to be taken there - Cheers
Warriewood Wetlands

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