Thursday, August 6, 2009

Pitt Town and Bushell's Lagoon - Again with an American twist

Some of you might remember the action-packed triple feature Sunday Lagoon bonanza previously described here at this site, where the Sintic and yours truly combined forces and managed to cover most of the birding hotspots of the north-western end of Sydney in only one day.

The American ticking machine had read both the Pitt Town and Bushell's Lagoon posts and demanded to be taken there already on her second day in Sydney .. impressive speed of the little American tornado :-) I was easily convinced due to the lack of Pink-eared Ducks at our last visit and there was always the chance of the Bittern :-)

No Bittern, but we sorted out the Pink-eared Duck and saw a few Australian Shovelers, tick-tick! :-) Also, my companion managed to finish of the Ibises, indeed we saw all three during the trip including the Glossy.

Bushell's lagoon proved less vibrant than it had been on my previous trip. However, there are always good opportunities of a bit of BIF photography and a group of nine Goldfinches was in charge of the entertainment, only interrupted by yet another Black-shouldered Kite flying back and forth, seems they are all over the place at the moment! How many do you have to see, before you claim one of them as a Letter-winged equivalent? ;-)


Aleisha and Simon Iremonger said...

I think you need to change the name of your blog to Birding with Allan.

AGL said...

:-) Yeah, sorry about that, but it looks like the good old Olympus has lost its underwater capability :-\ So with no fish pictures the feathered wildlife becomes quite dominating on the blog.