Saturday, August 29, 2009

Gordon's bay down under

Sunday morning and once again the gang gathered around the waters of Gordon's bay for a little bit of underwater excitement. Walking to the bay we had already started anticipating a treat, the water was mirror flat and so clear that you could (nearly) perv on the fish standing on land :-)

Little G was, however, super eager to get into the cold water to try out one of her Christmas gifts - a wetsuit - so no beating around the bush, brain freeze here we go' ;-)

Being in the portrait mode little G decided to test the camouflage rating of my wetsuit, it is actually first time ever I see the suit under water and boy does that camouflage function work wonders! Now I understand why the fish never notice me ;-)

Water was crystal clear, sun was shining and there was quite a bit of wildlife to look at, actually we were incredible lucky and ticked 3 of the more exciting species:

Under good old "shark-rock" we found a sleeping Crested Horn shark, close by a Wobbegong was relaxing under a ledge and on the sand in the middle of the bay we saw an enormous Eagle Ray.

Fantastic winter day down under! Gordon's bay is very much alive at the moment and the winter species are still around, so in combo with crystal clear cold water and the slightly easier task of getting a table at the café afterwards it is nearly worth the brain freeze to have a dip.

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