Friday, August 28, 2009

Long Reef and Dee Why

Still eager to explore we headed a few kilometers south towards Long Reef. Supposedly a great spot for waders, but if you have just won in the lottery it is also an excellent area for some good quality house hunting ... that is only if the lottery winnings were good though ;-)

The cliffs attracted a variety of wildlife, those feathered ones that have always known how to fly and some that have learned more recently ... yet still need a bit of help.

Still having half an hour before sunset we decided to do a mad dash for it and give Dee Why lagoon a quick go before heading home - someone had reported a White-necked Heron - so why not? We should probably have given the map a look before going, since there are quite a few ways of approaching the lagoon and it is not all of them that can boast a easy accessibility rating :-D

Having an experienced scout leader in front is always an advantage when navigating treacherous paths, Gemma volunteered and self-sacrificingly pushed ahead with great energy and spirit .. A bit of the determination evaporated approximately 0.1 second after the above picture was taken, the sturdy looking branch lying on the ground under Gemma's right foot was apparently less solid than expected and there was not really ground under it, rather a combo of mud and water - most waterbirds left the premises approximately 0.2 seconds after the picture was taken :-D

Long Reef and Dee Why

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